Hey Big Girl, Back it Up

On Writing: I’ve read suggestions about starting to plot a book from the end and work your way back, but I’ve never tried it before. Until yesterday. Sort of. I’ve been working on revisions of the second book in my Climax series (As you know if you’ve visited here before. I hope to be done revisions soon so I can stop whining  complaining writing about it!) It’s one of those big revisions where my heroine needed an intervention. A personality adjustment. Avery is a much stronger woman now. But of course, that changes the plot. Some scenes needed to be yanked, new scenes added and others tweaked a bit to accommodate my newer, stronger heroine. And no matter how I approached it last week, I couldn’t figure out how to solve one issue. So yesterday I backed it up. I jotted down a sentence about each scene starting with the end and working toward the opening chapter…and it all started to make sense. Holy cow, it’s about time I had a breakthrough with this m/s. Revising this book has been like swimming in wet cement. So, I’m more than mildly excited to write today and see what happens.

Today’s Song: In honor of the *revision breakthrough* by “backing it up” I’m celebrating today! And what better way to celebrate than with a marching band…here is the Shaw HS Marching Band from East Cleveland Ohio playing “Wobble” (aka Ey Big Girl, Make ‘Em Back it Up.)