Happy First Day of NaNo!

On Writing: I have only participated in one NaNo. It was a few years ago when I first started writing and it was exciting, fun and empowering. I wrote a 55k word YA manuscript. Yes, it’s true that manuscript is still sitting on a shelf in my office. But it was my first effort at writing a whole book. Which I did. And that gave me the confidence to think I could turn my writing dream into actuality. So now, having written a few more manuscripts, I’m approaching my 2nd NaNo a bit differently this year. I’ve got three m/s’s I’m working on and while I would like to finish one, I’m really going to focus on the total words. I’m shooting for a total of 50k words in November on any of the three m/s’s.

Here’s always the tricky part for me during NaNo: Just write. No editing as I go, which is so not my thing. My inner-editor has OCD and likes to fix things as I go. I’m going to attempt to distract her this month. I’ll arrange a comfy seat in the corner, maybe set her up with a Jason Statham Transporter movie marathon, throw in a few musicals with Gene Kelly and some Bruce Lee movies, yummy snacks to go with the yummy heroes and a beverage of her choice. And write like crazy.

With the new puppy I figure much of my NaNo writing will be done by hand in a spiral while I keep an eye on the Harley beast girl. Kidding! She’s the sweetest puppy, but keeps us very busy doing puppy things and getting into puppy trouble. But I feel up to the challenge. Here she is in her new favorite hangout spot, the bottom step of the stairs. Not sure how she’s going to fit there when she’s bigger…

Are you NaNo-ing this year? Did you do serious plot prep beforehand? I confess I didn’t have time this year, but I’m not an elaborate plotter anyway. Happy 1st day of NaNo!