On NaNo: I’ve nicknamed this year’s NaNo “SloMoNaNo” since it’s slow going trying to write during puppy naps. I’m not ready to call it quits just yet, I mean, the puppy is calming down a bit each day, so I have hopes to end NaNo with a big flourishing finish.  But…it does remind me that NaNo isn’t for everyone. I’m not even sure it’s for me what with my OCD inner editor. One of my Golden Heart sisters, another Dreamweaver, Abbie Roads wrote a letter to NaNoWriMo…

“Dear NaNoWriMo,
It’s not you… It’s me.
From the moment I discovered you, I’ve loved you. The idea of writing a novel in a month—I nearly swoon thinking about you. You are a wish, a dream, a goal to achieve, but I will never be good enough for you…..”   

Head on over to read the whole thing…“Breaking Up With NaNoWriMo”   because as fun and inspiring as NaNo is for some, it isn’t for everyone.

Speaking of the Puppy: Here’s Harley hanging out with me while I write…