Hugh Hefner Can Keep His Pajamas

On Writing: Just an observation, before getting into writing today. A confession really. I must be a rare breed, because I have seen many writers who can do this one thing. Who enjoy doing this one thing. Revel in doing it. But I can’t. I cannot write in my pajamas. (Okay, I could if I had to, as in “sit down and write in your pajamas or the innocent old lady gets it” kind of had to.) Lately I’ve had to write in my pajamas for a few hours some days since the new puppy sometimes controls the schedule, and I don’t like it. I like wearing my pajamas to bed and that’s it. I’m going to guess it goes waaay back to when my kids were very little.

I learned early with young children that the window of opportunity to dress each day is small. It’s like a rare eclipse of the sun. Miss it, and it may not come back around until the next morning…if you’re lucky. So I got in the habit of getting dressed first thing, (Put your own oxygen mask on first!) even before getting the babies out of their crib or responding to the barbarians at the gate toddlers calling my name from under the bathroom door. Partly because with kids, you never knew when you had to go outside (ever have a toddler lock you outside your house?) or head somewhere (like the ER) so wearing real clothes helped.

But I also remember really tough days with the kids. Days when my husband was away for days, weeks, sometimes months (wartime deployments) at a time. Days when the house looked like, well like 4 rambunctious kids had tied their mother to a chair and had a raging party. Ever had one of those days? Those were the days when getting dressed might be the only thing I accomplished that day. Those were the “Hey, at least I got dressed and kept the children alive another day” days. I’m not anti-hanging out in pajamas. It’s just not my thing.

Of course, the fact that I dress in yoga pants most days to write which aren’t much different from pajamas or that I wear bunny slippers all day… In my defense, some writing days are like “Hey, at least I got dressed and kept my writing word goal alive for another day.”

So now it’s true confession time…do you write in pajamas? Or like me, need that “accomplishment” of getting dressed to cling to some writing days? prefer getting dressed before settling in at the computer?