“Sometimes a Cigar is Just a Cigar.”

“Dreams are the royal road to the unconscious.” Sigmund Freud, 1899
~ Or ~

“Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.” Sigmund Freud, 1909

On Weird Dreams: I’ve been having a new reoccurring dream over the last few nights, and it’s odd. Maybe you guys can help me analyze what my subconscious is trying to work out. In the dream, Dream Me goes back to some of our old houses. Only I don’t knock on the door, I just go inside without being invited. And the new owners are in the house! I don’t see them right away, but I hear them in another part of the house. The kitchen I think. In last night’s dream, I think they were having a party. I don’t go say hello, but I go up into the master bedroom and find some of my old clothes tucked in various spots of the room. (Odd places like under the mattress, or tucked behind a dresser.) Then the owners come in and find me…and it is very awkward. They don’t yell or openly say, “What are you doing in our house?” but you can tell they are freaked out and I know I shouldn’t be there. So there are a few uncomfortable moments when the couple is looking between each other like WTF but then they are just like, “Oh, hey.” I think I might say something inane like, “How have you been?” And we’re all standing awkwardly in their bedroom knowing I have no right to be there, and then they just leave the room and then I wake up.

Thoughts? I’m pretty much a rule follower, so the actions of Dream Me are way out of my norm or comfort zone. I’m guessing I’m worried about something or trying to work something out, but it isn’t a fun dream to have since I wake up feeling like I’ve crossed a line and invaded someone’s privacy. I can’t decide if I should try to figure out what I might be worried about? Or simply let my subconscious keep poking at whatever it is until it becomes obvious what it is or it just goes away. What else can make a person have weird dreams? Have most of your weird dreams been related to something happening in your life? Or just been weird dreams?

“Why, also, on awakening from your dream and entering fully into reality, do you feel almost every time, and occasionally with an extraordinary force of impressions, that along with the dream you are leaving behind something you have failed to fathom? You smile at the absurdity of your dream and feel at the same time that the tissue of those absurdities contains some thought, but a thought that is real, something that belongs to your true life, something that exists and has always existed in your heart; it is as if your dream has told you something new, prophetic, awaited; your impression is strong, it is joyful or tormenting, but what it is and what has been told you—all that you can neither comprehend nor recall.” ― Fyodor DostoyevskyThe Idiot