A Writer’s Life: Power and Control (aka “Be the Ball”)

On Writing: Isn’t it wonderful how often just the right article, quote, inspiration, partial/full request…(insert your own item here) arrives in your path when you need it most? The one thing to help you get through a slump, a bad day, the impulse to quit…you name it. It’s like the universe is offering help, if you only notice it and grab for it.

Of course, there are times when it feels like the universe is throwing up road blocks and throwing every heavy object at you or in your path. But I find most of the time, those bad days have a purpose too. Those are the days you have to ask yourself, how bad do you want it? Those are the days you have to decide to dig deeper, possibly find a new path toward the goal…or quit. If you choose not to quit…those are the days you rededicate yourself to your goal and plow on even more determined than the day before. And those hard dark days make the successes and rewards so much sweeter.

Today’s inspiring article: A post from Kristen Lamb, What are the Real Odds of Being a Successful Author?  At first this article seems depressing, as in Holy Heck, Batman! Only 5% of  people who attempt to write a book will end up successfully published?! But take a deep breath and keep reading the article because not only will you see the numbers aren’t quite as scary as they first seem, you’ll get to this wonderfully calming and inspirational nugget:

“Thus, when we really put this dream under some scrutiny, it is shocking to see all the different legs we control. We control:
Taking the Decision Seriously
Writing the Book
Editing the Book
Finishing the Book
Learning the Craft
Developing RHINO SKIN
Following Through
Not Giving Up in the Face of Rejection
Writing Books
Writing More Books
Yes, Writing Even MORE Books
Doing Everything in Our Power to Lay a Foundation for a Successful Career
I am not saying that finishing a book is easy. None of this is easy.
This job is a lot of hard work and sacrifice, which is exactly why most people will never be genuine competition. When we start out and see all the millions of other writers I think we are in danger of giving up or getting overwhelmed. Actually, if we focus on the decisions we control, our odds improve drastically.” (Kristen Lamb)

Pretty empowering, yes? I don’t know about you, but I have the urge to go write another book.