Writing Basics: Back to the Lab Again

On Writing: I finally finished the big revisions on WHY CAN’T THIS BE LOVE? which is now titled, FINDING HOME. I actually loved the original title, but I changed it to unify the series. The revisions took much longer than I wanted, but I’m finally setting the m/s aside for a bit so I can give it a fresh look in a few weeks.

Moving forward I have a few projects to work on:
 #1 Tynan’s story, the third book in my Steele Hearts and Home Series.
 #2 a YA manuscript I might overhaul. I think I’ll brainstorm ideas for changes for a few days.
#3 a Prequel novella for the Steele Hearts and Home Series.
#4 IT’S A LOVE THING, my Texas series that I started but put on hold while working on revisions.

I’ll jot ideas down in my drawing pad for each project and see which ideas grab hold with the fiercest grip.

On Reading: I’m also going to read. I’ve loaded my kindle with lots of *new to me* authors, both romance and YA, and plan to read, read, and read some more. So, yes, I’m going to read for fun, but I’m also going to read for research too. I like to touch base with writing craft every so often. Yes, it’s time to head…    Back to the Lab Again… 
 Here are some books I bought during a sale back in November that I have high hopes for…

Mastering Showing and Telling in Your Fiction (Busy Writer’s Guides Book 4)
By: Marcy Kennedy

What are your favorite writing craft books? Do you have any you loved and would recommend? Here are a few more that I downloaded the free samples for…They looked interesting and had a fair number of positive reviews.

So, if you don’t see me around for a bit…you’ll know where I’ll be 😉 
*Edited to *attempt* to fix layout. Fail.