Spring Cleaning in January

On Productivity: Today, I’m doing some “spring cleaning” of my computer with the goal of being more efficient. Reorganizing the documents on my computer is like cleaning out a stuffed-to-the-ceiling closet. Holy cow, I’ve got so many versions of manuscripts, plus 736 gazillion documents of deleted material for each manuscript. (All the “little darlings” I’ve killed!) It’s been like hacking my way through the Amazon forest lately when I go to work on my current version of my manuscript. So, I’m spending a small chunk of time sorting through everything, tucking older or deleted pieces onto the “top shelves” of my storage space and leaving what I’m working on in the prime space. You know, so I simply reach in and grab it and not have to waste time every week. That’s the theory anyway. Anyone have a great system of saving different versions of a manuscript? I’d love to hear them!

Later today, again with productivity in mind, I’m setting my word count goals for the new writing year. Yes, I’m a little late with my “2015 Goals” but I started the New Year reading on craft and reading other romances while we still had a crazy loud house with college kids home. I’ll type out my 2015 Writing “To-Do” List and post it near my computer. Then I’ll work my way through the list like a woman on a mission. Like a Viking on a raid. Like a pirate attacking a ship. Like my goals are bacon cheeseburgers and I haven’t eaten in a week.

Just for Fun: If I can get this to work, here is a video of Harley watching the movie Up with me. (She’s also chewing on ice cubes because she is teething, poor baby.)