On Good News: Did you hear? The government says we can have up to 5…yes, 5, cups of coffee a day! And it’s good for us. 5! Studies suggest caffeine may reduce a coffee drinker’s risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Plus- there’s a possibility that it protects against the development of Parkinson’s […]

Fireside Friday~In Which I Tell a Story

The Engineer: “Hey, do you have plans for tomorrow?” Me: “Why yes, I do have plans. To write. Why? What were you thinking?” Hmm, could be something fun, right? A belated Valentine’s lunch out since he’d missed it due to a business trip… The Engineer: “Someone on Craig’s list is selling those pavers and supplies […]

Would You Like Some Ice With That?

On Life: Ice, Ice, Baby. It’s only fair that it’s our turn to share in the winter fun down here in NC. The good thing is for much of the Raleigh/Triangle area this event came down as frozen mini-pellets of ice– so no coating of ice on trees or power lines and no massive power […]

The IceStorm Cometh

Yes, we are bracing for a wintery mix tonight into tomorrow. And not just us, as this storm is dumping snow and ice all over the Plain states, Ohio Valley, down south in our neck of the woods and up to the Northeast. Sadly, I started that health kick last week, so no decadent food […]