Plotting in My Dreams

On Writing: Like many writers, I often come up with ideas or solutions to plot problems in my sleep. You know how you fall asleep thinking about a problem and your subconscious continues trying to figure it out while you’re asleep? When I was writing my book, BRINGING DELANEY HOME, I had this small plot problem. I needed to come up with a way to reveal parts of Delaney’s childhood without a big boring backstory-infodump. After writing and rewriting the scene and knowing it wasn’t working, I went to bed one night trying to figure it out. And when I woke up the next morning…a six year old boy, Henry Lee Savage, was there to solve my problem.

The reason I’m mentioning this is because Henry Lee showed up in my dreams again last night. HL wants a mom more than he wants a Super Ninja Squirrel action figure (the one with the turbo action tail.) His dad, Hawk, is too busy being a cop and a single dad to look. So HL wants to hire someone to help him find his dad a new wife. Now, not every idea ends up becoming a story, but this might be worth mulling over while I finish the third book in my Climax series (Tynan’s story.)

Dude. Pretty sure the antibiotics my puppy, Harley, just went on have given her bad gas. It’s going to be a long morning at the computer…if she stays right next to my chair like this:

Whoa…y’all are lucky no one invented smell-a-vision yet. I believe I’ll coax her onto her bed a few feet away. Out from under my nose, you know?