Newton’s 1st Law of Motion & My Ass

On Goals: It’s time to get serious about all of my goals, not just my writing ones. I got out of the habit of daily exercise when I went back as a full time student to get my degree from 2008-2010. Bad, bad idea to put exercise on the back burner. Yes, I’ve exercised off and on since then, but sadly, it’s been more off than on. It can be summed up by the first part of Newton’s 1st Law of Motion: An object at rest will remain at rest unless acted on by an external force.
I’m calling myself out right now. I’ve been too sedentary lazy for too long. Hell, I feel better when I’m exercising. And I want to be fit and active and healthy for the next few decades. I want to look hot for my real life hero. And set a great example for my kids. So, here’s the plan…I’m going to use the RWA 2015 Conference in NYC in July as my external force. I’ve set up a countdown over in the sidebar –> That Bionic Woman/ Working It Countdown? It runs from 2/11–> 7/20. 160 days of exercise and healthy eating. That’s my goal.
I’m going to run, punch, kick and bike my way. #likeawoman  #let’sdothis
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