Day 1 of My Plan to Conquer the World!

On Life: Yes, today is Day 1 of my plan to conquer the world!

Wait, no, I only have to work out. Wow, that sounds so much easier now though, doesn’t it? Okay, so the way it works for me is the first few workouts back are really about showing up. You might say I’m plodding or muddling my way through the first few. They aren’t usually great workouts, but about getting back into the routine. So, today, I’m doing a whole-body workout with light weights and body weight exercises like squats, walking lunges, sit-ups, push ups etc.

After a few days, I will seriously sit down and come up with a more formal workout plan. It will definitely be a combo of lifting weights and some form of cardio.

On Writing: Story plotting today. I don’t write outlines, but I don’t consider myself a full-on panster either. I get my plotting points down and then come up with a list of fun scene ideas- one/index card. Most of them make it into the book. Then there are the scenes and characters that just appear organically. Those are the ones that come to me while I’m sleeping or in the shower. So, it’s not time to break out my index cards yet. But I’m getting closer! What’s on your writing plate?

I also need to put some time into contest judging and CP reading again today. A few hours each day breaks up the reading nicely. How do agents, editors or teachers even read all. day. long? I think it’s a tie which fails first on long reading days…my eyes, my brain and my butt. Yeowch.

On Favorite Songs to Workout To: Now that I’ll be working out again, I’ll need to find some new music but one of my favorite songs to run to Maroon 5, “Harder to Breathe.”