The IceStorm Cometh

Yes, we are bracing for a wintery mix tonight into tomorrow. And not just us, as this storm is dumping snow and ice all over the Plain states, Ohio Valley, down south in our neck of the woods and up to the Northeast.

Sadly, I started that health kick last week, so no decadent food or red wine for me this storm. Heavy sigh. We’re actually pretty stocked up on *healthy food* with plenty of veggies, meats and some fruit. No chocolate, darn it, but we do have two other important items: toilet paper and coffee. We brought wood and kindling up onto the front porch yesterday. I’ll probably make a run to the local Feed store for a bag of dog food for Harley in a few hours. The first flakes are scheduled to fall around 6 tonight. Then, the last thing I need to do is charge my Kindle and maybe download a new romance, since that will be my guilty pleasure instead of brownies and red wine. Yeah, that sounds like a fair trade off.

What’s your storm prep? What food or beverages *must you have in your house* to survive if you’re going to be stuck for a few days?

Stay safe and warm where ever you are!! I’m hunkered down ready for the Ice, Ice, Baby
Stormy Weather

Last Modified on June 25, 2015
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