Would You Like Some Ice With That?

On Life: Ice, Ice, Baby. It’s only fair that it’s our turn to share in the winter fun down here in NC. The good thing is for much of the Raleigh/Triangle area this event came down as frozen mini-pellets of ice– so no coating of ice on trees or power lines and no massive power outages. A little south of us, it was a freezing rain event and they did lose power. All that white stuff in this photo…not snow. It’s packed sleet/frozen rain. So a little hard to walk over, and poor Harley is slipping and sliding her way to go pee!

There should be a bit of melting later today with a high of 37, but then two days of very cold weather, so this ice will be here until the rain forecast for the weekend moves in. What’s it like in your neck of the woods?

On Exercise: Yesterday was a functional workout of shoveling. Luckily it wasn’t really heavy as it was only about 1 inch thick. I have no idea how long we were shoveling. 1 hour? 2? We had classic rock blasting in the garage to keep us going and just tried not to look at how much we had to do. AC/DC is great to shovel to. Just sayin’.

On Warm Thoughts: Pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training in 6 days. St Patrick’s Day is 51 days away and the First day of Spring is 54 days away!! We’ll be complaining about being too hot before you know it! For now, stay safe and warm out there!!