“The American People Abhor a Vacuum.” Theodore Roosevelt

Did Teddy know me or what? Okay, kidding, but seriously who enjoys vacuuming? I mean, I guess some people do, maybe. They could, right? It’s just that you have to do it on a regular basis. Like cooking. Arrrgh. And I can’t brainstorm or even think much when I vacuum on account of the noise.
Plan for Today: Leg/Ab/Butt workout. Write. Laundry. Vacuum. Not necessarily in that order since vacuuming is moving its way to the top of the list because…

<– Harley brings all kinds of things in with her from outside. And she’s fast. She can make a mess with a pine-cone or a stick faster than I can eat a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. Which, sadly, is darn fast. She also has this thing about tearing the eyes off and the stuffing out of all her toys.

But she also has this weird relationship with the vacuum. So, I can’t vacuum with her around because this happens —>