Where are the Singing Ice-Cutters When You Need Them?

The woods around our house are still snow covered, but with the temperature (finally!) climbing up to 55 today, much of this should melt. Melting is a good thing. Our house is set back in the woods a bit, and we have a gravel driveway. Which means we can’t shovel it. We can only shovel the concrete pad next to the garage (which my muscles say is plenty to shovel!) And because of the orientation of the house and trees–our gravel driveway is in the shade all day. So when we get ice, like we did 2 storms ago, we get iced in.

I needed the singing Icecutters from the movie Frozen to help!

The ice explains how I got another “functional” workout this morning. I had to chip and hack away at the ice on the driveway. Happygirl’s car (she named her Josie) is rear wheel drive, and poor Josie has been stuck at home since the ice storm. So, I carved out two strips for her, just enough for her tires. Mind you, I’m not complaining. I’ve seen the photos and news from Boston. Nope. No complaining here. This story is only to say I got my arm workout in already. ;0 What kind of winter are you having in your neck of the woods?