Writing, Life and Kevin Bacon.

On Writing: I’ve been participating in a Book-in-a-month class and a Book-in-a-week effort. Both through my local RWA chapter, HCRW. One of the great things about events like these is the support and camaraderie of other writers. I got a little side-tracked with car problems and puppy problems, but back on track now.

On Life: Harley got spayed two days ago. She was only out of it for a day, and seems fine today. But our instructions are to keep her inactive, clean and dry for 10 days. A six month old puppy. Ha! They did not send me home with enough sleepy-pain medication for her for that miracle. I’ve moved my computer up to the kitchen table so she won’t run up and down the stairs at least. Now, if I can keep her from tearing around the kitchen and family room– she might make it 10 days without ripping out her stitches. Her latest thing is she keeps getting stuck places. She hasn’t figured out she’s too big to fit the places she liked to hide a few months ago. So she still squeezes herself under our bed and under the couch. She fits in– barely. Out? Yeah, not so much.

Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon: Youngest son watched Footloose today before heading off to his life guarding job. Somehow he’d never seen it! I totally forgot how cute some of the songs were. Just for fun, go listen to Denice Williams, “Let’s Hear it For the Boy.” Oh, holy cow, excuse me while I run. I have to go lift the couch up off the dog for the fifth time in the last hour.