When I Solve a Plot Problem-I Dance Like Baby Groot

On Writing: I clicked on a link from @jamigold (who also posts awesome writing info on her own blog, jamigold.com by the way) and the link was to a post from Kristen Lamb (who also posts awesome writing info) on the difference between “flawed” VS. “too dumb to live” characters. I had a beautiful light bulb moment reading Kristen’s post. She says readers will get that damaged people make poor decisions if authors do a good job showing the damage/flaw/wound…
“Do we have a character making a mistake, withholding vital information, acting irrationally because it is coming from a deeper place of flaws, circumstance or wounds? Or, do we have a character playing marionette? Characters are making a mistakes because we NEED them to.” <– THIS.
And it’s not that it’s new, but sometimes it helps to be reminded in order to realize maybe something isn’t working because I didn’t do a good enough job setting up what Kristen calls the “properly flawed” character. Kristen also has another post on “The Wound”  that helped me go deeper with one of my characters, and he isn’t even a very wounded/flawed character, but she points out “wounds don’t have to be big to be BIG.” So when you ask “Why is this character doing this?” it still stems from the wound (because nobody is perfect, right?) and thus readers will get the character’s motivation. So making sure I’ve set up my “properly flawed” heroine so readers are willing to accept the crazy thing she does, and figuring out the not big wound my hero has that explains why he does what he does…might have solved my plot problem.
And in the house of Kilraine…when we solve problems…we dance!! A few minutes of dancing around like Baby Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy and then it’s butt in chair time. Feel free to join in!