Revising. With a Blowtorch

On Writing: I’m revising. Again. I’m getting pretty good at “killing my little darlings.” It’s not quite slashing and burning. I’d say it feels more like weeding. Aggressively. With a blow torch. Stripping out a few subplots and building more layers into the main plot. Which is painful, but fine. Oh, do I ever wish I had Scrivener figured out for this–I don’t. (That is a whole angsty post for another day!)
Anyway, you know what I’m finding more painful than deleting some of the good stuff? Deleting the good transitions and chapter ending hooks that I sweated over and trying to devise new ones now that scenes and chapters are pulled apart and rearranged. Arrrgh. For now, rather than lose too much time on them I’ve left markers like, “Hero says something dipped in awesome sauce here.” Or “OMG. She did not just do that here.” I find writing good transitions and chapter endings hooks more challenging than writing sex scenes. You?