I Love the Smell of Wrapping up Revisions in the Morning

On Writing: Yeah, I gotta say, the revisions on this m/s sometimes have felt like a mini-apocalypse. I hope to finish revising the last big scene today. Seriously, I need to wrap it up and move on. So for motivation, I’m giving my day background theme music. I’ve got to slash and burn my original ending because I pulled out one of the subplots. Yesterday, I rewrote the black moment and the 1st part of the resolution. Now I’ve got to find a new way to wrap up the end since I no longer have the loose strings of the other subplot to tie up. And wrap it up in a meaningful way without it feeling anti-climactic.
As an aside, while picking my music for today’s heavy lifting work, of course I went to my latest fixation Guardians of the Galaxy, but rather than pick one of the top “oldies” songs from the soundtrack, I discovered composer Tyler Bates. Thank you, Mr. Bates, for my background theme music today. (GOTG, “What a Bunch of A-Holes”, Tyler Bates)
So, I have a clear mission today and my theme music sets the scene for serious, edge-of-the-seat, “your mission should you choose to accept it,” all out, “balls to the wall” “Let’s fix this scene” day of revising. Or to sum it up….Yippee Kai Yay, Mother Fucker.
So, that’s me. What’s on your “to-do” list today? Ready to attack it? Okay, let’s go do this.