“They’re Baaaack.”

On Life: I’m quickly rearranging my “to-do” list because look…  They’re baaack. Yep, the hummingbirds are migrating back and they’re hungry!! They keep staring in the windows, like, hello…remember me? The one you were kind enough to feed last year? So, I’m going to clean my feeder, make a batch of hummingbird food and fill […]

“When I’m Good, I’m Very Good…

“But when I’m bad organized, I’m Better.” Mae West…almost. Well, maybe what Mae West would have said when she was cleaning out her closets. Or working on her method for plotting books like I’ve been doing.   On Writing: I’ve spent the last few days rereading writing craft books and blogs. I’m trying to streamline […]

Before & After: A Snapshot of Progress

On Life: Today is a follow up on my Romantic Roll-in-the-Hay post. Although, I’m thinking I should have called it my “Field of Dreams” post. “Hey, is this Heaven? No, it’s a re-graded septic field in the North Carolina woods.”     Before: Field of Hay After: Field of Grass!   On Writing: Some days it […]

A Penny Saved

On My Writing Space: I have a new addition to my writing space…  It’s an offshoot of one of our Nandina plants from the garden. It got yanked out last fall when the gas line was run to the house and she’s just been hanging around outside in a pot like a little homeless waif. Looking […]

The Plant Whisperer– Not

“If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.”  Marcus Tullius Cicero I’d throw in faith in something bigger than yourself, people you love, some hot sex, a good glass of Cabernet, an awesome bacon cheeseburger…and a puppy. Then I’d have everything I need. Obviously I’m more high maintenance than Cicero. […]

Growing into Revisions

  On Writing: Another revision discussion. Can you tell I’ve been chin deep in them? Actually, I think I’m finally ready to tie a bow around them and call them done. I hope to read the m/s through today and see if my revisions work. If they fit together into one cohesive story. Because you know […]