A Romantic Roll in the Hay

On Life: Today I’m giving you a peek at the romantic life of a romance writer. Well, this romance writer. Try not to be too jealous, okay?

A bit of backstory…On Wednesday, we had to have our septic field, which is our whole front yard, regraded. In the three years since we moved in, the dirt has eroded away, leaving the septic tubes too close to the surface to perform as they should. We’re talking a stinky bio-hazard if not fixed. The fix: Six dump trucks of dirt. You do not want to know how much six dump trucks of dirt cost. Let’s just say the expression “dirt cheap” is not even close to the truth. It was a daylong process. To save $ my husband decided we could reseed and spread the hay ourselves. No big deal.

He got it seeded and fertilized on Thursday, but by Friday night hadn’t put the hay down yet. Again, no big deal- we could do it Saturday morning. Until we checked the weather again and saw it was supposed to rain overnight. No way did we want all that work and the not-dirt-cheap dirt to wash away. So guess what we did for our Friday night date?

Had a roll in the hay? Okay, no. Turns out hay is darn itchy, so those cowboy romance stories where the hero and heroine make love in the hay loft…yeah, no. We didn’t “make hay while the sun was shining” either. Nope. We ended up spreading the hay in near dark with just the porch light for illumination. For two itchy hours.

After much needed showers, we parked ourselves on the couch and watched the movie Reds 2. (So fun! The movie, not the hay spreading.) So, that was this romance writer’s romantic Friday night. You know what though? During the two hours, the Engineer and I talked and joked and worked together side-by-side like we have so many times over the years. So, maybe not romance, but time with my real life Alpha hero. Oh, and guess what? It didn’t even rain.