The Plant Whisperer– Not

“If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.”  Marcus Tullius Cicero

I’d throw in faith in something bigger than yourself, people you love, some hot sex, a good glass of Cabernet, an awesome bacon cheeseburger…and a puppy. Then I’d have everything I need. Obviously I’m more high maintenance than Cicero.

On Life: I love gardens. I love plants. I enjoy working in the garden. The problem? I don’t have a “green thumb.” It’s very sad. I’m worse with indoor plants, but I have managed to keep the Christmas cactus and an indoor pine-looking tree alive since we moved into this house. That is almost 3 years now! A new record for me. In our front garden, the clematis vines are going on 3 years old also. Nice. The hydrangeas are looking good too so far, but I can’t always get them to bloom. I will have to research if they need special food. Next, I’m going to try a double peony in the garden. Absolutely love them! Here’s hoping they’re hardy suckers. I need disease resistant plants, because if they’re like roses? Forget it. One day, I’d like an old fashioned cutting garden. I probably better start researching that now. Any awesomely gorgeous flowers that deer hate?
Here is a photo of the first of the three Clematis vines blooming. And also Harley telling me she’s ready to go outside just as the sun came up this morning. She’s subtle. And I have an update for anyone interested in our septic field/grass farm project (Details here–>A Romantic Roll in the Hay ) …we have grass! Well, the beginnings of grass. I’ll post a photo soon.