Before & After: A Snapshot of Progress

On Life: Today is a follow up on my Romantic Roll-in-the-Hay post. Although, I’m thinking I should have called it my “Field of Dreams” post. “Hey, is this Heaven? No, it’s a re-graded septic field in the North Carolina woods.”



Before: Field of Hay
After: Field of Grass!


On Writing: Some days it helps to look at other aspects of my life like this also, with mental before and after snapshots. On days when an “R” lands with a thud in my email box, or when the day’s words are sparse and I hate every one of them, even the “ands” and “saids.” It’s a good time to compare before and after- to remember how far I’ve come in the three years since I set out to give my goal of becoming a published writer a real full-time effort. Heck, I remember three years ago searching the Internet for standard formatting of a manuscript. Holy cow, have I learned a lot since then. Writing craft, the query process, social media. Every goal has a before and after. Every goal has a learning curve and a journey.
One of my 2014 Golden Heart® sisters, Sarah Andre, has a post today about her journey to become a published author, The Nine-Year-Long Rollercoaster Ride. *Spoiler Alert* Her journey has a happy ending! Her debut, LOCKED, LOADED and LYING, will be available from Entangled Publishing on June 16th.  Congratulations, Sarah!