“They’re Baaaack.”

On Life: I’m quickly rearranging my “to-do” list because look… 

They’re baaack. Yep, the hummingbirds are migrating back and they’re hungry!! They keep staring in the windows, like, hello…remember me? The one you were kind enough to feed last year? So, I’m going to clean my feeder, make a batch of hummingbird food and fill it this afternoon. DONE.

Harley and I took a break from plotting and cleaned the feeder. Okay, I cleaned the feeder while Harley ate a bunch of mulch and chased bees. Close enough. So I’m sitting on the front porch plotting in my sketchbook now while the hummingbird food cools off (1 part sugar melted in 4 parts water.)

On the plotting front– I am seriously thinking of a plot twist that I’ m not sure I like. I mean as a reader. It makes me a bit uncomfortable. Argh. You’re supposed to think, “what’s the worst thing that could happen?” But…yikes! I think I just have to write it and then see how it reads. All right writers, is it hard for you to torture your characters? Or do you love every painful minute of it?