Morning in the Garden of Good & Still Alive

Friday in the Garden:  I went into the garden early this morning on account of the puppy’s newest “thing.” She sleeps in our master bedroom and we close the door so she can’t roam the house at night chewing things up. Harley’s new thing when she hears someone moving around the house (like the Engineer […]

Thoughts on Memorial Day

I’m reposting something I read last year from mil blogger, Matt @ Blackfive. I can’t express it any better than he did…    “Of course, Memorial Day is about remembering the sacrifices that our military men and women have made over the last 238 years. We are still a young nation, but one that has made […]

Whistle While You Work It, Writers!

On the Writing Life:  Writing is a sedentary profession. Although more and more writers are moving to standing desks or treadmill desks, these too sometimes have drawbacks. And not every writer has the option (aka space or $) for a treadmill desk. So, some of us are right back at trying to stay healthy the […]

RIP B.B.King

Battling unrelenting racism and the humiliation of segregation whilst working in the cotton fields as an orphaned child, King lived to overcome the toughest critics in the entertainment industry and ultimately be hailed as one of the kingpins of an entire genre of music.( Over the years, B.B. developed one of the world’s most identifiable […]

This is So Happening…

Storytime! :  We moved to North Carolina when the Engineer was assigned to Pope AFB in Fayetteville, NC. Three of the kids were elementary school age and the oldest was about to start middle school. The day we moved into our house, my husband got a call to say he was going TDY to the […]