Plotting: Trying Not to Crash and Burn

On Writing: I think I’ve mentioned recently that I am trying to streamline my plotting process. I write slightly quirky plots. Or not so much quirky plots as a plot with a quirky plot twist or two. Or three. So, for my current WIP, I’m trying for a more “normal” plot and plotting strategy. I’m also trying to focus on conflict. As a reader I tend to really fall for the humor and the HEA in a book. While I appreciate the conflict in a book, it’s not what I love about a book. So as a writer, I focus more on the humor and HEA.

But not this time, buster. I’m trying to plot based on the mantra “What’s the worst thing that could happen?” Within reason, of course, but YIKES! So far, it’s brought up a situation that I think as a reader I might hate. Seriously hate. But I’m going to write it and see what happens. And I’m pretty sure this is only going to work if I find the exact right way to present this. If I don’t get it right, this could backfire in my heroine’s face. Which, sadly, I’ve done to a heroine before and it can get ugly. Anyway, I think I’m mostly plotted and ready to roll with this new WIP. YKYMF.

On Writing Craft & Resources: I wanted to share a few people to follow on Twitter (if you aren’t already!) for the wonderful posts on writing craft and awesome writing resources they share:

Jami Gold (@JamiGold) or
 K.M. Weiland (@KMWeiland), 
Janice Hardy ) or
Christine Frazier of Better Novel Project (@BetterNovelProj

For instance, Jami Gold ( @JamiGold ) Tweeted a link to “51 Must -Visit Websites for Romance Writers.” with some solid links and some new-to-me links I have yet to investigate, but you can be sure I bookmarked them.

Okay, I’m wrapping up the weekend by setting up the scenes I plan to write this week. Today’s inspirational song for writing my new Hero this week…Thomas Rhett’s “Crash and Burn.”