This is So Happening…

Storytime! :  We moved to North Carolina when the Engineer was assigned to Pope AFB in Fayetteville, NC. Three of the kids were elementary school age and the oldest was about to start middle school. The day we moved into our house, my husband got a call to say he was going TDY to the middle east for a few months. In two weeks. So there I was with the kids at the beginning of a wide open summer in the middle of NC without a clue as to where anything was. We lived an hour away from the military base, so we didn’t have other military families to rely on, and didn’t know a soul in the neighborhood.
So, we started this tradition of going to the movies every Friday afternoon. We’d hit up the dollar store where each kid would pick out 1 box of candy. We took turns picking the movie. It gave us something to look forward to each week in the middle of our crazy summer. And the kids don’t look back on that time as the time they moved to a strange place and had no friends. They remember the Friday afternoon movies!
Today, I’m heading to the movies with my daughters. And it just feels right that it’s Friday. Kind of a full circle moment. Guess what we’re seeing?
“Hands in, a-ca-bitches!” YES! It’s finally here! The females in our house have been so excited for this day. We are heading off to…Pitch Perfect 2.