Whistle While You Work It, Writers!

On the Writing Life:  Writing is a sedentary profession. Although more and more writers are moving to standing desks or treadmill desks, these too sometimes have drawbacks. And not every writer has the option (aka space or $) for a treadmill desk. So, some of us are right back at trying to stay healthy the “old fashioned way.” Yup, getting up off our behinds and moving.
The good news is that lots of new studies are suggesting that the level of exercise needed for good health is less than we used to think. Yay! For example, I just read an article that said a walk as short as 2 minutes can counteract the harms of sitting for an hour.
 “In fact, if they replaced as little as two minutes of sitting each hour with gentle walking, they lowered their risk of premature death by about 33 percent, compared with people who sat almost nonstop.”
And the study showed that moderate exercise provided even better results. Which seems to be backed up by this article, The Right Dose of Exercise for a Longer Life.  This study shows that there seems to be a “Goldilocks” amount of exercise that provides the best benefits. Not too little and not too much.  While it’s good to know there’s a “sweet spot” for exercise, it’s nice to know we can all aim for at least a 2 minute walk/hour on our busy days and be better off, right?