Morning in the Garden of Good & Still Alive

Friday in the Garden:  I went into the garden early this morning on account of the puppy’s newest “thing.” She sleeps in our master bedroom and we close the door so she can’t roam the house at night chewing things up. Harley’s new thing when she hears someone moving around the house (like the Engineer coming in late from a business trip or one of the kids heading off early to work) is to plop her front paws up on the bed next to my head and lick my face. Wakes me up real fast.

So, alas we were up at 5:30 this morning. Yikes. But it sure was peaceful to sit on the porch in the early hours sipping a cup of coffee and listening to the birds wake as the sun rose. I took a few photos of the garden since, even with my lack of a “green thumb,” the plants are amazingly still alive and pretty.


   <–Porch Swing for coffee drinking, puppy watching, plot wrangling, book reading, rain listening, storm watching, firefly gazing, catching up with one of the kids and the end of the day catch-up spot with the Engineer and a glass of wine. 

Full disclosure, the photo of the swing is actually from last fall. But I will have to take a porch photo while the trees around us are full and lush. My favorite garden flower (other than the hydrangea) is the peony. I have never tried to grow one, but I’m going to research it and see how much deer like them and how hard they are to grow. How is your garden growing? Do you have a favorite plant in your garden? Whether you spend it gardening or not–have a great weekend y’all!