You Know Who Wrote HTML code…?

This girl, right here. Yeah, I did. (Or maybe it was CSS?) Do I know a thing about computers or coding or WordPress? Heck no! Well, a week ago I knew nothing. Nada. Zip. But I’ve spent the last week building this website and I’ve come to a few conclusions…

1. Web designers are worth every penny they charge. (I just didn’t have enough pennies to pay one.)

2. Most WordPress/coding folks are amazingly generous with their help. (Just like the romance writing community!) And very, very patient with those of us who probably shouldn’t be messing around editing HTML & CSS codes, but attempt it anyway. (I’m looking at you, Carl, at my web hosting service.)

3. Technology and coding gives me a headache.

4. A shout out to Blogger! I’ve blogged for three years at and I totally took them for granted. Now that I’ve had to be so hands-on with WordPress– I’m amazed at how simple Blogger makes it for non-techy people like me.

5. Perusing through all of the free WordPress themes was almost as fun and addicting as when I got to play with font when I designed my business cards. Almost. (I love font the way many women love shoes.) The downside- it’s time consuming. And sometimes I didn’t know if a theme was going to fit my needs until I started working with it. I tried working with two other themes first before finding one that did almost everything I envisioned. That extra time was frustrating.

6. If I can build a WordPress website–anyone can.

I’m sure I’ll be tweaking the site over the next few weeks and months. And even though some pages are still under construction (wear your hard hat!) I need to be done, you know? I’ve got characters screaming at me because I left them stranded– oh, wait, wait… No, never mind. Pretty sure I left my hero and heroine making out in an elevator, so they probably didn’t mind the week a bit.

Where are you on the highway of technology? Slow lane? Fast lane? I feel like this week moved into the middle lane.