Changing My Perspective

On Life: So I woke up today and sort of started freaking out over how much I still have on my “to-do” list and how fast my trip to NYC for RWA2015 is flying at up at me. I mean like blow-into-a-paper-bag freaking out. So, I’m pulling a Barney Fife right here and I’m going to Nip. It. In. The. Bud.

Instead of looking at my long list of things I wanted to get done, I’m going to take a deep breath and focus on what I need to get done. Anything else I accomplish is cake.

Revised “To-Do” List:

Must Do: “High” Priority

Revise & get edits back to my editor. Done!

Get the next item in to editor. Done!


Must Do: “Next on the List” Priority

Figure out Clothes & Pack for NYC. (need to figure out today.)

Renew driver’s license. (If not Friday then the week after NYC.)


Work on 2nd Cates Brothers Book.


Cake: “Relax, These Can Be Done Anytime” Priority

Write a blog post. (Doing now for the win!)

Get professional author photo taken. (Scheduled for tomorrow.)

Shop for NYC. (Not going to happen.)


Order new business cards. (Too late. Write new website addy on back of old cards for the save!)

Dust. (Pfffft. Foggetaboutit.)


Whew! I feel better already. It’s amazing what changing one’s perspective can do. Which brings me to another topic…Zombeavers.



Have you heard of this movie? I found it last week when surfing Netflix. Zombeavers. Here’s the storyline of Zombeavers from IMDb website:

“ZOMBEAVERS is an action-packed horror/comedy in which a group of college kids staying at a riverside cabin are menaced by a swarm of deadly zombie beavers. A weekend of sex and debauchery soon turns gruesome as the beavers close in on the kids. Riding the line between scary, sexy and funny, the kids are soon fighting for their lives in a desperate attempt to fend off the hoard of beavers that attack them in and around their cabin. Written by Anonymous

This has potential, right? This movie sounds awesome. I wanted it to be awesome. I wanted to love it so hard. Like Shaun of the Dead hard. That didn’t happen. Only made it through a few scenes. But! I haven’t written it off yet! Nope. Instead, I’m going to *change my perspective first.* <–Today’s theme 🙂 The first time I tried to watch it, I didn’t know it was an homage/play on 80’s horror movies. I only read about the movie after I tried to watch it. So, with that in mind, I think this movie might work. Maybe. I only watched about 20 minutes of it and already know I could do without the gratuitous frontal nudity and the three girlfriends are so annoying I wanted to turn into a zombeaver and attack them myself. But I’m guessing that is part of the spoof. One reviewer, Andrew Gold, says, “Zombeavers is to horror movies as Naked Gun is to police dramas.” And singer John Mayer is in it! So, a change of perspective and tonight Zombeavers will get a second showing in the House of Kilraine. Ole.