NYC: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Although, I think for Times Square it’s more like “The Awesome, the Weird and the Whaaat?”

The Awesome: The shows! I saw the revival of Les Miserables at the Imperial Theatre. Yes, Les Mis has been around awhile, but I had never seen it. And I loved it. There were so many other shows I would have loved to have seen too, but time and money precluded it.

Now, I watched a few YouTube videos of other versions of some of the songs from Les Miserables just this morning for this post, and I’ve got to say I’m kinda partial to the revival version. A few of the actors were standouts although all of them amazing. But I absolutely loved Christianne Tisdale as the Innkeeper’s Wife and Richard Barth as the Innkeeper, and Brennyn Lark as Eponine. But my favorite, and I think I might have become a fangirl over this actor, is Wallace Smith who played Enjolras. One of my favourite scenes/numbers was the “ABC Café” (The Red & Black song.) And for the beginning of my fangirling of Wallace Smith, here’s a fun interview with him, “Five Burning Questions.”

More Awesome in NYC: The energy, the diversity of people, the food, the museums and landmarks.

The Weird: Okay, what is with those people in crappy knock-off Disney costumes posing for pictures if you pay them $? They were kind of creepy. And I’m sorry, but the Statue of Liberty texting? No. Just no.








<—And The Naked Cowboy, although I give him credit for staying in shape and his massive…confidence. You wouldn’t catch me walking around in Times Square in my underwear.




NYCWeedThe Whaaat?: Most of these I didn’t take photos of because if you if you pause and make eye contact you’re opening yourself up to a sales pitch. Probably an interesting one, but no thanks. Did get this one, so you get an idea… His sign says “why Lie? Need $ for Weed.” And to be fair, much of this you’ll see in any big city.


More Awesome: The food. NYC might be pricey, but boy do they know how to eat! I ate at an Italian restaurant, an Irish pub, and a sandwich place. Since we were in the hotel with workshops almost all day/every day we ran across the street for a slice of NY style pizza for a few lunches. I could easily go back to NYC and just eat my way through a vacation. We made late night runs to Juniors for cheesecake so often my gala dress was a wee bit tight to zip up. 😉







Later this week after I’ve sifted through my notes from the workshops, I’ll post some of the ones I found helpful. But just off the top of my head my two favorites were Jenny Crusie’s workshops (so, so great!) And the packed Michael Hauge workshop (where I had a light bulb moment about a book I’ve been struggling to fix.)IMG_0951

And I’m off to fix it now. 🙂 If you went to RWA, what were your favorite workshops? And if you’ve been to NYC feel free to shout out any great places to visit or eat. Because I have to go back!