Cleaning Up My Act

Here was my last breakfast before getting back to cleaner eating tomorrow.  By cleaner eating I mean no sugar, alcohol, wheat or processed foods. The fruit is okay in small portions, but it’s goodbye sweet, sweet granola. The Engineer and I eat mostly primal meals anyway, it just seems that vacation time (like too many slices of Junior’s cheesecake in NYC) […]

BRINGING DELANEY HOME: Real Life Inspiration

In my book, Bringing Delaney Home, an Army nurse and runner is wounded in Afghanistan. When her rehabilitation stalls eight months after the explosion, it takes the love of her sister, a stubborn cop, and a whole town to help her find the strength she needs to try again. The inspiration for the story came from my […]

“We are the Dreamers of Dreams”

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney I remember standing at a high school graduation party, talking with another senior. Let’s just call him Bentley. Bentley and I were sharing our goals, like you do before heading off on different paths and different places. I said I […]