Tackling the Many Moving Parts of Book Marketing

I’m beginning to dip my toes into learning how to make a book trailer. I’m not the most tech savvy human either, so my learning curve is always steep and sloooow. But I do learn. Heck, I put this website together. Pffft, sure it took me two weeks to do it and I might have crashed […]

Monday’s Motivation: Keep Your Head Up

Motivation for a Monday morning: Turn off the doubts and negative thoughts. Tune out negative people. The Eeyores, the doubters, and the haters. Turn off the news. Embrace the “reality show” of your own life. Be creative. Do something fun. Do something for someone else. Connect with nature. Or whatever makes you smile. Know you’re beautiful. […]

In the House of Kilraine…

Today’s installment of “In the House of Kilraine” is brought to you by the letter “f” (as in favorite) and the number “5”. The cast of characters in The House of Kilraine stories: The Airman, oldest son Happygirl, oldest daughter Sensitivegirl and Complexson, the twins and the babies Iceman, oldest son’s best friend who we “adopted” into […]

10 Random Thoughts: My First Copy Edit Edition

Random thoughts during my first ever round of copy edits: Wait, what? You changed that sentence? Huh, not sure I like it. (Oh, Grasshopper, give it time–you will.) On 2nd read-through of copy edits…Ooooh, I see what she did. Got it. Glad the copy editor caught and fixed that sentence. 🙂 Oh, wow. My copy editor […]