10 Random Thoughts: My First Copy Edit Edition

Random thoughts during my first ever round of copy edits:

  1. Wait, what? You changed that sentence? Huh, not sure I like it. (Oh, Grasshopper, give it time–you will.) On 2nd read-through of copy edits…Ooooh, I see what she did. Got it. Glad the copy editor caught and fixed that sentence. 🙂
  2. Oh, wow. My copy editor is thorough with a great eye for details. In an awesome way.
  3. Okay, new rule when figuring out if a word is compound or not: Go with the opposite of what I think. (Or check here.)
  4. Huh. Apparently I learned to write during the “Great Comma Shortage”. You remember that dark and dreadful time, right? When we were told to use commas sparingly, maybe even go without so you had a few in stock for emergencies?
  5. Oh, boy. If my copy editor got paid per comma added- she’d be a rich woman.
  6. I’m a dirty, dirty tense whore.
  7. Noooo! Why’d you have to go all science-y on me, copy editor? There is was a line in a scene after the midpoint of the story that I really liked: “Gravity-induced, defying-the-laws-of-physics-and-man suckage.” Did it make sense? Pfffft. Um…no. But it sounded good, man. I liked the rhythm of it. My smart copy editor was like, gravity is the law of physics, so consider rephrasing. (I laughed out loud at her comment because she was right. She was Pitch Perfect, “so right, everything else feels wrong” right. She was My Cousin Vinny, “Well, I guess the laws of physics cease to exist on top of your stove” right. She was Mr Spock right. And I was “bending the space-time continuum” wrong.) <–I just did it again. My copy editor would probably point out that Einstein’s theory of relativity suggests (and has been proven) that matter and energy do distort the space-time continuum.
  8. Copy Editor: Why did the culprit cut the phone lines? It doesn’t make sense.  Me: Because I needed a reason to get my hero there isn’t going to cut it, is it? Darn it. (Off to create a better motive for cutting the phone lines.)
  9. Dealing with copy edits (and revision notes) are a lot like buying green bananas. Bring them in and let them sit. Look at them every day, let them ripen in you brain, and then in a few days they’re ready to digest.
  10. I want to hug my copy editor like a koala hugs a eucalyptus tree. But that would be awkward, since I’ve never met her. Copy editing seems a bit like being the kicker on a football team. Most of the work they do, a reader won’t know or notice. When the kicker gets the extra point after the touchdown, it’s the QB and receiver that get the praise and attention. It’s when the kicker misses the field goal or extra point that he gets noticed. When that one misspelled word gets through–that gets noticed. Not the misspellings, missing commas, awkward phrasings, repeated words, or wrong tenses the copy editor fixed.

Aw, heck, I’m going to send my copy editor a virtual ((hug)). Have you hugged a copy editor today?