In the House of Kilraine…

Today’s installment of In the House of Kilraine” is brought to you by the letter “f” (as in favorite) and the number “5”.

The cast of characters in The House of Kilraine stories:

  • The Airman, oldest son
  • Happygirl, oldest daughter
  • Sensitivegirl and Complexson, the twins and the babies
  • Iceman, oldest son’s best friend who we “adopted” into the family of our hearts
  • Coach, Happygirl’s fiancé
  • Cadet America, Sensitivegirl’s bf

Yesterday, I logged on to goodreads and saw Iceman had added my book, Bringing Delaney Home, to his “want to read” list. Big smile 🙂 Of course I texted all the kids and let them know Iceman was now my current “favorite” child for adding my book on goodreads. Sadly, the other kids were like “What’s goodreads?” Even Sensitivegirl who has been a voracious reader for forever!

So this morning Complexson was getting ready for work and said, “Ma, I pre-ordered your book last night.” Ha! He didn’t want Iceman to be the only favorite child. Only one problem…

“You know it’s only available in digital format, right?”


“You remember you don’t own a kindle, right?”

“Ooooh, yeah. No, I forgot that.”

Luckily, there’s an app for that.

All kidding aside, if you haven’t heard of goodreads, it’s worth a look if you’re a booklover. You can explore different genres, read reviews, join in book discussions, keep track of books you want to read and those you’ve read. There is a reading challenge you can sign up for or not. It’s a fun, user-friendly website for readers. If you go, tell them Iceman sent you…because apparently, none of my other kids even knows what the heck I’m talking about 😉