True Confession Tuesday: Thanksgiving Edition

True Confession Tuesday: I am not a great cook. It’s no secret. I’ve said it before around this blog. I am not a “foodie”. For the most part I’m an “eat to live” person not a “live to eat” person. So, why in the heck my family lets me be in charge of the important meals like Thanksgiving or Christmas…I have no idea. So, we cook the same dishes each year. The same dishes I grew up on and they are a bit, I wouldn’t say bland, but hmmm, tame? Unimaginative. Plain vanilla.

We do have two foodies in the family, so I figure if they cared, they would take over the Thanksgiving meal the many, many times I’ve begged them to. Right? Nope. So, here is the menu for Thursday:

Turkey, stuffing, gravy, macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, green beans, corn, dinner rolls, cranberry sauce.

Now, here is the true confession: If you are a gourmet or foodie, turn your head away for a second. The rest of you come in closer…not all of the items on the menu are made from scratch. It’s true. I rarely make gravy from scratch. Sorry, I just can’t tell the difference between homemade and the jar. I know, I know. Go ahead and yell at your computer screen. There’s probably a huge difference, but my taste buds aren’t good enough to discern it.

Also, we don’t always make mashed potatoes from scratch. Honestly, on this one, I know there is a big difference, except, hello, (waves*) remember I’m not a very good cook, so there isn’t a big difference between MY potatoes and instant. Or I end up with too many lumps, which is bad.

This year, though, I am attempting to make The Pioneer Woman’s mashed potato recipe. They have cream cheese in them and she says they’re awesome, so I’m trusting her. We’re also going to make them a day ahead along with the pies plus a few other side dishes and see if that makes things easier.

We do have a fun family recipe for rolls we grew up with that’s great, especially if you have kids. Again- not from scratch, but these are worth it.

Rice Krispie Rolls

-Refrigerator rolls


-Rice Krispie Cereal (or any brand of puffed rice cereal)

Cut the biscuits in half. Dip them in milk and then dip them into rice cereal until they are covered in it. Place on greased cookie sheet and bake based on the directions on the package of rolls. Serve with butter. That’s it. And, if you have young kids, they’ll love helping make these!

Oh, we are smoking one of the turkeys outside in the smoker. Over apple wood chips, I think. Today I made up and applied the rub to the turkey so it’ll have two days to settle in. I will let you know which turkey is better, the smoked or the oven roasted. (14 people for dinner, so yes two medium turkeys.)

So, tomorrow is Cooking Day #1 in the House of Kilraine. Are you starting on your Thanksgiving cooking tomorrow? Do you cook recipes from your childhood? I wish you safe travels and a Happy Thanksgiving!