Excerpt of Bringing Delaney Home


I just thought I’d share, in case you might be interested, Chapter 1 of BRINGING DELANEY HOME is posted over at Kensingtonbookstumblr.com . 🙂


Release day is exactly three weeks away. In three weeks, I’ll have achieved my long-held dream of becoming a published author. I say dream because it is something I’ve thought about since I held my grandfather’s book in my hands as a young girl. I never met my grandfather. He died before my parents even married, but I was named after both my maternal grandparents and have always felt extremely connected to him. My grandfather, a fairly well-known surgeon in his day, had also held the dream of writing a novel. And he did just that…

Lee Rademaker, M.D., my grandfather and namesake.
My grandfather’s book.















I remember sitting at my grandfather’s desk down in my grandma’s basement, twirling around in his big wooden chair. I was somewhere around this old when I first dreamed of writing a book…

Me. Full of dreams. (And sadly, this was not my last "pixie" cut.)
Me. Full of dreams. (And sadly, this was not my last “pixie” cut.)














The thing is, becoming a published writer didn’t move from a dream to a goal until a few years ago after I went back to school as an adult and graduated college. Let me be clear…it’s not that I think someone needs a college degree to write–you don’t. It’s just that going back to college got me writing again, and somewhere in between raising four young children and moving every three years with our Air Force family, I had lost track of my dreams. So, I’m a late bloomer, but I’ve got my dreams goals mapped out now and a wide open road ahead. road-220058_640

And one pretty cool thing…at this very moment, my book and my grandfather’s book can be purchased on Amazon. (Well, could be bought, since I just purchased it to pass down to a younger generation.) That blows me away.