Puppy Problems

My dog Harley has this weird thing, possibly an addiction, for Burt’s Bees lip balm. I don’t know how it started, but the minute anyone uses some– well, this happens…IMG_1350

She is at your side and in your face waiting for some. At first I thought it was the scent that was alerting her, but as time has gone on, I think it’s the click noise of putting the lid back on the tube that draws her. What she wants to do is lick it off my lips. But, I’m like Lucy with a “Yuck, dog germs!” policy. So, now I must apply the lip balm in stealth mode- and leave the lid off until Harley isn’t around. This is the 4th dog we’ve had over the years, but the only one I can recall with this obsession. Have you ever had a pet with odd or silly quirks?