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I’m hunkered down writing this weekend, but I wanted to express my heartfelt thanks to all you readers who have given this brand new author a try. I’m appreciative that you took time to read my book when there are so many great books and authors to choose from. Gah! It’s still surreal to think people are reading a book I wrote. Loving the characters that have lived in my head and my dreams. When I see BRINGING DELANEY HOME up on Amazon or Barnes & Noble, sitting next to some of my favorite authors…I’ll be honest the first time this happened I freaked out and took a photo (this is totally normal, right?) Now, I’m totally almost sort of calm when that happens.

So now that I’ve got that fan-girling under control (pretty much) the thing that gets me now are the reviews. Yup. Like many authors I believe that you, the reader owes me nothing. Our deal is I wrote the best book I could, you purchased it (Thank you!) and hopefully you feel you got your money’s worth of entertainment out of it. Do I love thinking that one of my books might go on your keeper shelf? Dude, yes!

I love the idea that you might like my book enough to read it a few times or maybe even buy the next book in the series…and the next. But the idea that my book moved a reader enough to go out of their way to leave a review…yeah, that humbles me. So this is a great big thank you for reading my books and for taking the time to leave a review. Reviews do help authors. As a quick thank you (Sorry, I’ve left two characters in a hot & heavy situation and really need to go finish their scene) I’m leaving you a bit of…inspiration.


Here are the inspirational photos I’ve been using for all of my Cates brothers…
Quinn. Shutterstock





Quinn, the cop. 








Sijan Shutterstock - Copy resize 1


Could This Be Love small




Sijan, the movie star.









Tynan. shutterstock.purchase

Crazy Love small cover



 Tynan, the former soldier. 












And if all the stars align…the last two brothers, twins Kaz and Paxton.

Kaz, the computer genius.   Paxton, the lawyer. 

Kaz and Paxton shutterstock


















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In fact…why don’t I give away a copy of either BRINGING DELANEY HOME or COULD THIS BE LOVE? (winner’s choice) to a random winner from my newsletter list? That will help me move writing the newsletter to the top of my to-do list, right? Okay, it’s on.



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But until I write that really super-duper, fun, informative–except for the totally unnecessary (but cute!) photos of my dog Harley–I should mention that BRINGING DELANEY HOME is on sale for ¢0.99 at all the vendors. If you haven’t read it, now’s a great time to grab a copy–or tell a friend 😉 because…

COULD THIS BE LOVE? the 2nd book in the series releases in 3 weeks. (Yay!) FYI, these are totally *stand alone* books, but…but, there are little tiny sprinklings of humor that only those who have read the first book will smile at. And if you are like everyone else, you’ll want to meet Tynan (the oldest brother, whose book, CRAZY LOVE, is the 3rd in the series) in books one and two before you read his story. Sigh, I don’t know what it is about that man, but he does make an impression.


BRINGING DELANEY HOME  *on sale this weekend for ¢0.99 *
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COULD THIS BE LOVE? *Pre-order* (Releases 17 days from today!!)
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