Wrapping up LOVE 2.0

LOVE 2.0 releases April 18, 2017

It’s finally Kaz’s turn. Meet his heroine…

Mirabel Díaz had heard the expression hide in plain sight, but she was relatively sure walking down Main Street of some small town that time forgot, dressed as Elvis, the Las Vegas years, wasn’t quite plain enough. Her white bell-bottom, rhinestone-studded pantsuit was turning heads.

Of course, the fact that her boss Monty had given her a pantsuit two sizes too small didn’t help. She wanted to kiss the inventor of polyester because if she hadn’t been able to squeeze her curves into the Elvis pantsuit, she’d be Madonna right now. And not like-a-virgin Madonna either. No, she’d be Blonde-Ambition Madonna strutting down the sidewalk in fishnet tights and a cone bra.


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  1. Can’t wait for this book!! I love the Cates brothers!

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