Looking for a Book Boyfriend this Weekend?


Looking for a book boyfriend for the weekend? 

Meet the Cates Brothers: Quinn, Sijan, Tynan, Kaz, and Paxton…

Quinn, small town cop and the youngest Cates brother. Quinn is the happy brother. He’s positive, optimistic, and undaunted. If Quinn were a dog he’d be a Golden Retriever. Loyal and outgoing. 








Sijan, the movie star. He has no problem showing his emotions. If he were a dog he’d be a Weimaraner. Weimaraners are athletic with an air of elegance and can be demanding. 











Tynan, former army but now owns his own construction business. He’s the wild one. You know where you stand with Tynan because he’ll most likely tell you. Unfiltered. He’s the oldest brother and takes his duties seriously. He’s got your back. Even if you don’t think you need it. If Tynan were a dog he’d be a German Shepard. Hard working, brave, and protective. 










Kaz, computer wiz and hacker. Twin brother to Paxton. Laid-back cool, genius, quiet yet observant. The whole still waters run deep. Analytical and logical. If Kaz where a dog he’d be a Standard Poodle. Intelligent, quietly elegant, and peaceful. 












Paxton, lawyer. Kaz’s twin. Paxton is a mix of all his brothers. He can put on a show and love every second of it. He’ll happily tell you what he’s thinking and usually use multi-syllables to do it. He’s also logical which he uses to slice and dice in the courtroom. He’s driven and optimistic. If he were a dog he’d be a Heinz-57. He can be a loyal faithful companion, a show dog comfortable in the spotlight, or a protective guard dog when needed. 













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