A Writer’s Brain or Sneaky Spiders?

I have an overactive imagination. Which is great for writing, sure, but in real life it can be a pain in the behind. But…it came in handy a few days ago and saved me from a run-in with a sneaky spider. Here’s what happened…

The other night as I was brushing my teeth I saw a spider high up on the wall behind me above the shower. Now, I have a rule about creepy crawly things. If they’re outside my house, I say live and let live. Party like it’s 1999! Do your thing, creepy insects! As long as you’re in your own habitat–and not mine. Once they cross over into my house–uninvited–all bets are off. If it’s a cute insect, say a ladybug or a moth, I’ll make an attempt to capture it and release it outside. If it’s a creepy one like a spider or a centipede–nope. 

Now in this instance, I decided to be magnanimous. (Which was mostly due to being too tired to go get the ladder and the vacuum at eleven at night.) So I gave the spider a warning. I told the spider–in a loud and clear voice–that it needed to be gone from my bathroom by the time I woke up the next morning. That’s generous, right? That’s seven hours the spider had to scram, vámonos!, exit, vacate, remove itself, beat it, escape. Seven hours to rethink its life choices. 

Woke up the next morning, went to take a shower and the spider was gone. Smart spider, right? But then I looked at my towel hanging over the shower door and my brain whispered, “What if it’s hiding in the towel? Spiders are sneaky and evil and it’s just like a spider to do that.” 

My husband said that was crazy. Logic, he explained, said the odds of that happening were slim and only an author with an overactive imagination (like Stephen King) would even think of that. Uh huh. Well, my overactive imagination needed to check, so I carefully pulled down the towel and shook it as hard as I could. Twice.

Guess what fell out? The spider. I’m not kidding. So sometimes an overactive imagination is a good thing. Also, never trust a spider. They’re sneaky opportunists who arrive uninvited, overstay their welcome, and ignore a fair warning to leave. 

Also, guess who I caught shaking out his own towel the next morning? 😉