Picking Favorites

Part 1: Cates Brothers Version Asking an author to pick a favorite of her books is like asking a parent to pick which of their children is their favorite. Can’t be done. But…I do have favorite scenes in each book. 

BRINGING DELANEY HOME: There’s a scene in a diner that I love. Delaney stands up and makes an announcement that cracks me up every time. Plus I just flat out *heart* Delaney’s strength. 

COULD THIS BE LOVE?: My favorite meet between my hero and heroine happens inside the VFW. I’d call it a *cute* meet except it’s more like a *quirky* meet. 😉 

CRAZY LOVE: Tynan, Tynan, Tynan. Sigh. I love Tynan and while all my books can be read as standalones–this is the rare time I’ll say–it’s worth reading the first two books first–because getting to know Tynan before his own book is sort of delicious. Crazy Love also contains the scene I cried over most when writing it. The letter my heroine Lu gets–I still choke up when I read it. Oh! And there’s the elevator scene. 

LOVE 2.0: Mira’s opening scene. Loved researching it. Loved writing it. Still love reading it. Because Elvis. LOVE 2.0 also contains one of my favorite ending scenes. I mean the crazy climax where everything goes BOOM. This scene also has an amazing redemption for a much disliked character from BRINGING DELANEY HOME. It’s good. And a fun epilogue.

YOU CAN’T HURRY LOVE: Favorite opening scene, one of my favorite and most creative sex scenes, and tied for my favorite epilogues. But there’s also a fire pit scene between my hero Paxton and his twin brother Kaz that makes me smile every time.

WANTED: MOM FOR CHRISTMAS:  Another favorite epilogue. Sigh. I do love a good epilogue.

Next time… Part 2: Thorne Brothers Favorites

Also, my publisher is having a flash sale on some of the Cates Brothers books. Great time to pick up one or two. Let me know if you agree with my favorites!

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