Lee & M.L.’s Writing Plan for 2020/2021…

First, I’d like to say, I never planned to write under multiple pen names. But once I decided I wanted to write a sweet YA book, I thought it was best to separate the sweet, clean books from the sexier romances.

Just to clarify for anyone not familiar with my pen names:

M.L. Collins writes sweet, mostly-clean Young Adult romances.

Lee Kilraine writes quirky, sexy contemporary romances. I’d say the Cates Brothers series is still pretty tame by which I mean a little sexy and not much cussing. The Thorne Brother series is a bit hotter and drops a few a generous number of f-bombs.

Fun facts:

-The first book I wrote was actually a young adult book. I still love the book and hope one day soon to revise it now that I know more about writing.

-But contemporary romance was my first love, so I ended up switching and wrote my first contemporary romance (now titled STILL CRUSHING ON HIS BEST FRIEND’S OLDER SISTER) and entered it into RWA’s Golden Heart contest where it finaled. That book got me an agent and my first traditional publishing book contract.

-Nine published books later, the romance market was a changed landscape. It was time to cowgirl up, learn everything I could about self-publishing, and take the plunge. So I left my agent and turned all my effort toward learning all I could and writing new words.

-It was right around that time that we had our first grand babies. And I had a burning desire to leave a legacy for them. Fun, sweet young adult books they could read when they grew into teens. That is how M.L. Collins was born and I got back into writing YA.

So, my writing plans going forward:

M.L. Collins:

Jackson High Series #3, #4 & thinking about a novella for Lacey’s twin Tracey.

New YA series (3 books?)

Lee Kilraine:

Cates Brother series: Finish revising and self-publishing 3 more books) Add books for Georgie/Gage and thinking of writing Delaney’s sister Greer a book but have her book connect with the Devlin series. (Greer would have to move to Texas for that to happen.) Also, I’m soooo tempted to write a book for Barbara.

Devlin Series: Soooo many books planned for this series.

Thorne Brothers: Possible books for Asher, Eli, & Ryker. And Hope.

If you’ve read my books, which characters would you like a book for? Are there any I missed?

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  1. I look forward to reading more about the Thorne brothers and sister. I was hooked after the first chapter of the first book and could not put the 3 books down. I loved the characters and their humour, I loved everything about this series. My house was a bit neglected and my kids thank goodness are of the age where they can feed themselves. I hope you continue to feed my habit.

    • Yay, Krisanne! I love hearing you loved the Thorne siblings! They were such fun siblings to write about and I can’t wait to finish writing their stories! I will happily continue to feed your habit. 😉

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