Delayed release…

I wanted to let any Jackson High readers know that I just pushed the release date for THE TOMBOY & THE MOVIE STAR back 3 weeks. I’m so sorry! Gah. Tomboy is the 13th book in my publishing career (under both pseudonyms) and it is the first book I’ve ever delayed.

I tried, guys. I really tried. But I ended up needing some more time to heal my soul after my father’s death last month. Basically, I lost it for a bit. There was lots of crying, but laughing too over many, many happy memories of my dad. Plus I ate a lot of pie.

My sincere apologizes to those of you who were kind enough to pre-order it. Also, huge appreciation to my amazing editors whose schedules I also messed up.

Bernie & King’s story THE TOMBOY & THE MOVIE STAR will release on Sept 19th.

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