Delayed release…

I wanted to let any Jackson High readers know that I just pushed the release date for THE TOMBOY & THE MOVIE STAR back 3 weeks. I’m so sorry! Gah. Tomboy is the 13th book in my publishing career (under both pseudonyms) and it is the first book I’ve ever delayed. I tried, guys. I […]

Have You Met Gray Thorne?

GIVE A LITTLE is out and I’m excited for you to meet Gray! The Thorne brothers are a bunch of close-knit, have-your-back brothers. They’re also darn sexy, so there’s that. At the root of each book in this series is the importance of family. The brothers, Beckett, Asher, Gray, Ryker, Eli, and Wyatt, forged their […]

Getting to Know the Thorne Brothers

#WriterProblems: When a supporting character jumps into a story and steals the attention from the hero and heroine. This happened to me with Tynan Cates in the Cates Brothers Series. And it’s happening again with Eli in the Thorne Brothers. With each book I’ve written in the Thorne Brothers Series I try to make sure […]

13 Days to GIVE AND TAKE!

I’ll admit I was nervous when I began writing Wyatt’s book. Usually my writing process is to come up with a plot idea and then figure out my main characters. But sometimes a character simply appears and tells me who they are. Wyatt was one of those characters. And the more I got to know […]