How The Devlin Stole Christmas

“You stole Christmas from me, Locke Devlin. Tonight’s where you pay up.”

Maxine “Max” O’Conner
I know exactly what I want this Christmas.
The same thing I’ve wanted every Christmas since I was sixteen years old.
Locke Devlin, the most stubborn cowboy in Texas.
I’m back for good and I’ve got Locke at the top of my Christmas list.
I’m one determined woman with a plan.
Merry Christmas to me.

Locke Devlin
I knew Max O’Conner was trouble the first time I laid eyes on her.
The girl has been disturbing my peace since I was eighteen years old.
Max can outride, out rope, and outshoot most any cowboy in Texas.
She’s back, all grown up, sexier than ever and still totally off limits.
I’m determined to keep it that way.
Merry damn Christmas to me.

1 Stubborn Cowboy + 1 Determined Woman + 1 Christmas Eve

One way or another, someone’s going on the naughty list…

How the Devlin Stole Christmas is a stand-alone sexy small town Christmas romance with mild cursing (hey, they’re cowboys!), a story-telling Santa, an elf-napping by an outlaw cowboy riding a horse named Elvis and a little heat (it always starts with mistletoe, am I right?) Grab your copy and get cozy with this second chance romance with humor and heart!

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