The Good Girl & the Bad Boy

What happens when Jackson High’s Good Girl and Bad Boy are forced to work together?

I’ll tell you:
destroy his guitar. (Accidentally!)
He uses my guilt to trick me into doing his work.
For three weeks!
Until I find out he lied.
Oh, heck no. This bad boy has crossed the wrong girl.
call him out on it. In front of the whole school.
Check mate, bad boy.

“It feels good to be bad,” he whispers.
“I refuse to be the Bonnie to your Clyde,” I lie.

Stuff happens & we end up in the…
Principal’s office.
And I’m breathing into a paper bag, freaking out about the trouble I’m in.
But that’s not the worst part.

The worst part is…
I’m afraid I’m falling for the bad boy .

Warning: this sweet *Standalone* YA romantic comedy contains a few mild curse words, a couple of *earth shattering* kisses, guitar abuse (if you are against the abuse of musical instruments, maybe skip the end of chapter 3), twin angst, and a super-cute romance between a good girl and a bad boy.

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